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Why you learn Data Science?

In todays world, huge volume of data is generated every day in every sector. Reserving and proper maintainence of the data is very much important until they are analyzed properly to reveal true patterns for making business decisions related to their strategy & growth. Data science is a course that provides learning about how to use and manage structured and unstructured data using statistical tools.

Posted on 07 Nov, Sat 2020

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Top 8 Reasons Why PHP Is Most Popular Among Developers

Various popular websites, like Yahoo and Facebook are developed using PHP. Many developers expected that the entry of a number of languages in the industry would reduce the popularity of PHP. But, actually, the number of PHP users has increased over the years.

Here are some of the reasons why PHP is going strong.

Open Source Platform

The reason why thosands of developers prefers PHP? Because it is an open-source platform. On top of that it is a budget-friendly language that is acquired without much efforts and not to maintain its amazing features. Being open source, it allows developers to make changes in the code whenever required. The fact that companies don’t have to worry about financial side is beneficial for the public in general because website developers can use PHP to deliver some highly lucrative and stunning websites to users. 


Again, one of the most important questions for the developer to consider while choosing a programming language is how much web traffic it can handle in future. Here, PHP is the preferred choice for developers as it allows them to add more servers that are needed to manage the increased traffic. The scalability that PHP offers is well established by the fact that developers used PHP to build a dynamic platform like Facebook.

Retrieves Data With Good Speed

The quick data retrieving speed is one of the prime reasons why PHP has established a strong position for itself among different programming languages. 

Allows Customisation

Websites developed using PHP offers a high degree of customization. Fine-tuning the website to meet customer needs and changing the look of the site is allowed by PHP. A customizable PHP website can be created with much ease because most content management systems like Laravel and Joomla and based on PHP.

High Compatibility

Windows, Mac, Linux and more — a variety of platforms support PHP coding. Additionally, PHP runs on most local servers, like IIS and Apache. This scripting language is also suitable for cross-platform development.


PHP is used in government institutions and some of the biggest organizations and that is a proof of how secure PHP language is. Moreover, the PHP community is actively involved in identifying and correcting existing vulnerabilities.

Rapid Development

When apps and websites are developed in PHP then its own memory space is used. This helps in quick processing and reduces the load time of site.

Learning Is Easy

Unlike programming languages like Java and C++, the learning curve of PHP isn’t tough. 

That being said, the PHP course sets a solid foundation for those who dream big in their career in web development. To know all about the PHP course fees and more, visit the website of Globnet Systems (

Posted on 07 Nov, Sat 2020

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The Importance Of Ethical Hacking Certification In The Cyber Age

Ethical Hacker is very high profile job in world IT & cyber security, defence sector, so job vacancy is very high (specifically India, USA & Germany). “your skill = your salary” in ethical hackers job profile. Various type Certification & Course, Degree(complete to PhD) available in a University or IT Training Institute or MNC. Any student after certification can join as a cyber security training instructor .Certification cost start-50,000 to 5Lac(in India). Any student after complete UG or PG can join as a professor in any University or own cyber security firm.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Degree In Cybersecurity?  

•    Cybersecurity professionals can secure a sizable income and excellent job benefits.
•    Employees will be able to choose from a variety of different job prospects all over the globe.
•    People in this field will be able to have a positive impact on the lives and careers of their clients.
•    Thanks to the daily advancements in technology, cybersecurity professionals will constantly be learning new skills and methods to help them outwit cyber criminals.

There are several benefits to getting a degree in cybersecurity, which are listed below.

•    Qualified cybersecurity professionals are currently in extremely high demand.                      
•    This profession offers employees an unlimited potential for growth.
•    Employees can work on either a full-time or part-time consultant basis.





Posted on 07 Nov, Sat 2020